Many years ago, communication expert and founder of EB Consulting, Esmé Brink, saw an ever increasing gap in the market where companies sought affordable marketing and communications expertise, ethical behaviour and measurable yardsticks to build their brands and sell their products and services.

The timing of this decision collided with the continuing rise of the digital age, calling for a niche service delivery model.  Today, EB Consulting has grown to an established communications agency, with a solid client base and an amazing workforce.


Digital and Brand Strategies

It can take up to 3 years to establish a brand. A Strategy is the map that will put you on the journey to achieve this and also forms the foundation of all our other services. And once you think “you’ve arrived”, we map out a new route, because the digital world is fast-paced and you have to keep up or you will fall behind.

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E-marketing Campaigns

From the initial media and market research, to the conceptualisation and creation of the content & artwork for campaigns to the eventual rollout, we specialise in managing your digital project from the onset right down to dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s on the final metrics report.

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Social Media Management

Managing your Social Media is a full-time responsibility and has become too important to ignore (and if you still think it’s a waste of time, you should really, really be talking to us). Do you have the internal resources (time, staff and capital) to manage it (properly) or is your PA tasked with this immensely important marketing role only once a week? Markets are conversations now, and you better listen up!

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Online Copywriting

Want to be noticed by Google? In print you have a whole paragraph, online you only have one bullet. We know how people behave online, so we know why it requires a very different copy approach. Chat with us. We’ll be concise, promise!

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